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Who am I?

I have been wanting to work online since the advent of the web but I was always afraid of failing or lose money or did not believe I could do it. Then life happened.

A few major life events shaped my future. Within one year's time. My sister died, my marriage ended and the job that I had been working at for 10 + years, following a merger, rendered me obsolete.

So I had a choice of either keep going the 'feeling sorry for myself' route or believe in myself and finally work online. I got back up and went for it. No regrets, I love it.

The Laptop lifestyle is it for me. It wasn't easy, it is hard work, needs dedication and consistency but it can be done.

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In the midst of Pierre operating his own online business he took the time to build an incredible website for my husband and I. He also spends time showing me how to go about creating my own online business. Pierre shows patience and guidance while teaching me his expertise in this field. Pierre is kind and generous and knows how to be with people and share his wealth of knowledge. I am forever grateful to Pierre for his time and talent.

Anthony Miller



Simply put, working with Pierre has been a great learning experience. Bar none, he is a true dedicated professional! I first met him online while trying desperately to start an online business. Pierre was kind enough to guide me through the pitfalls of starting my business and has repeatedly gone way above and beyond any hope and expectations. With diligence, patience and professionalism, Pierre consistently provided advice and actionable steps in order for me to get up and running quickly. I am so very grateful for his assistance and look forward to working with him going forward. I absolutely recommend that you work with Pierre in starting your own business. In short, he is amazing! Thank you, Pierre!


Working with Pierre gives you a solid foundation to start your business whether you are a newbie or a veteran. You can trust that his mentoring will help you build a business that will create income for years to come.


You will be much more likely to succeed with a mentor like Pierre who can share his personal experience! He explained the importance in picking the right niche market and also how addresses how to keep up your momentum when the going gets tough" logo