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The power of positivity is as real as it gets

My name is Pierre Trépanier and I am successfully working online from home on a full-time basis. Events in my life led me to this lifestyle.

For most of us, turning 50 is a big deal, a great year and a turning point in our lives. For me, it was the beginning of a nightmare that lasted over a year. My sister Joanne was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and lost her battle in August 2014, needless to say that I was devastated. Our family was barely getting over the loss of my mom and now this? I took it hard, became angry at the world and did not enjoy much. I became a quiet, no fun guy and was basically a black cloud.

After months of this, my wife asked me to move out, depression set in, I went to a dark place, wondering if life was worth it. I was off work after being diagnosed with severe depression for over 6 months and would just sleep in, eat and watch TV. I did not care about much. What's the point I often said to myself.

I had been at the same job for 10 years + but we had recently merged with another 'big city' company. One and half week after returning to work, I was terminated, seriously, what kind of company fires someone with severe depression 10 days after returning to work. 

That was my rock bottom, what else could happen?  I felt lost and hopeless. I had two options, keep going down the path to nowhere I was on or get back up and reclaim my life. I decided to get up, look up again and face the world. Lucky for me, I was not alone.

Renee and I Canada Day 2017

Renee and I Canada Day 2017

I had met Renee earlier that year, she was the kindest person I knew yet I did almost everything in my power to not let her get close to me. She never gave up on me and lucky for me, she played an integral part in my rebirth. She believed in me when I did not believe in myself.

I was and am also blessed to have a strong group of friends who stood by me through it all. Daryl, Bryan and Graeme were there for me and still are to this day.

I shifted my mindset and enforced the law of attraction to help redesigned my life exactly the way I wanted it. I started from scratch and slowly learned every aspect of working online, it took a while but I did it. It is not easy but with hard work and dedication, it is do-able.

My son Rhys MVP of the Gold Medal Game @ BC Provincials June 2017

My son Rhys MVP of the Gold Medal Game @ BC Provincials June 2017

I have a beautiful family and an incredible teenage boy named Rhys.

He is my pride and joy and a magnificent Lacrosse player. It is simply awesome to see his growth both as a person and an athlete.

Our goal is to spread our love far and wide across the world and the freedom Legendary Marketer provides has allowed us to do exactly that.  

I live on Beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

My favorite places to travel to include Hawaii, California, Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean.

David Sharpe and Pierre Trepanier

David Sharpe and I, Tampa, FL. July 2017

..now we get the chance to pay it forward to you!

Always remember, nothing rewarding in life comes easy or without hard work. I want to be honest about this. There are no quick ways to make money, you must learn how to make extra money the ethical way and remember that:

Doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever will.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Don't quit. 

Keep continue taking Massive Action and success will follow suit.

I look forward to working with you and helping you create the life you want as well!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at pierre@pierreonline.net

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